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A taste of home: Cooking on a kettle grill, in the Philippines May 19
For many of us, who have been living in the Philippines for a long time, we start to miss the foods from back home. I know this is true for me. Very few homes have an oven, so many of the foods that we take for granted, back home, are hard to make here. A great example of that would be a Thanksgiving turkey or a cake.
A few months ago, my girlfriend (Abby) and I, bought a kettle grill at Ace Hardware. Ever since, we have been grilling meat, chicken and fish, very often.
Yesterday, Abby bought this nice THICK piece of pork loin, which still had the skin and fat layer on it. I trimmed that off and sliced it in half lengthwise to get two thinner (one inch thick) cuts. We barbecued it, in a kettle grill, after marinating the meat in BBQ sauce.
We also baked two really big potatoes, that we foil wrapped, and tossed onto the grill with the meat. I have NO idea where she is getting these potatoes, but they are bigger than what you would get back home.
I wish I could afford the bacon, cheddar and sour cream, because that would have made this perfect. Unfortunately, I am having some cash flow issues, at the moment.
One piece of advice I would offer is to start cooking the potatoes first and directly over the coals. Make sure the coals stay hot, by ensuring good air flow. Also, make sure to flip and turn the potatoes. Don’t let them sit in one position, too long, or they will burn.
As far as how to preparing them, I just rinse them off good. Dry them, but don’t get crazy. We just do not want them dripping.
Wrap them in tin foil / aluminum foil. Then poke holes in them with a fork. Yes, poke the holes through the foil and into the potato.
Advice for moving to the Philippines Jul 04
  1. You can’t help everyone here. You think you have a lot. Once you move here, it isn’t as much as you think it is.
  2. Make a budget and do your best to stick to it. Cause if you falter there are very few, if any, who will help you. For a tropical climate, this can be a cold and unforgiving place and I don’t mean the temperature.
  3. Visiting here is like ignorant bliss. Living here is a totally different animal. The things you learn and notice when living here are completely different from when you are only visiting for a few weeks to a month. TOTALLY DIFFERENT.
  4. Keep your passport & visa up to date and when you move here make sure your plane ticket has an open round trip. That means by a round trip ticket where the return date is not scheduled. That way if something happens and you decide to leave….you can. A lot of guys buy a one way ticket cause it’s cheaper.
  5. Be wary. A lot of scammers and bullshitters here. You’ve probably encountered a few, but remember. It’s not just Filipinos. A lot of foreigners here are scammers and bullshit artists, as well.
  6. Remember #2 and cultivate friendships.

Obviously, this list is incomplete.