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More fun with Globe Customer Service Jan 11

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I moved out of my old house and into a new one. Due to the last minute nature of the move I didn’t have time to disconnect or transfer my phone/internet.  The way we left things with our landlord didn’t inspire me to leave the connection intact. To be honest I was worried about them using my phone. In the Philippines you are charged for domestic (NDD) as well as international (IDD) calls. In some cases it’s actually cheaper to call international than it is to call domestic. Yeah. I know that’s ridiculous but that’s also an example of what it’s like to live in the Philippines.

I contact Talk to Globe’s Live Chat to ask them to suspend or disconnect the service and the lady tells me that before they can disconnect my service I have to settle the bill first. I explain that I moved out and I don’t want to pay for phone calls I am not making should the landlord decide to use the phone. The customer service representative pastes the exact same sentence they previously posted and disconnects the chat. You can read the chat transcript below. (I edited out some of the personal identifying information.)

Nollie: Hi! This is your live chat agent. How can I help you today?

Gary: Hello. I need to suspend my account because I have moved out of the house where my service is located.

Nollie: Hi! Sir Gary, just to clarify are you inquiring/transacting with your labdline no. [deleted]?

Gary: Yes, I want to make sure service is disconnected

Nollie: For verification purposes, may I know the account holder’s fullname and exact billing

Gary: [I gave my full name and address]

Nollie: Thank you for the information.

Gary: Sure

Nollie: May I ask how are you related to the account holder?

Gary: I am the acct holder

Nollie: For temporary disconnected, I advise you to please settle first the account overdue balance.

Gary: That’s great….I need it turned off. I dont live there. I do not want anyone using the
phone because I have both IDD and NDD and I will not pay for calls made after I moved out.
So disconnect it please.

Nollie: For temporary disconnection, I advise you to please settle first the account overdue

I call Globe’s Customer Service Hotline from my cellphone and I get the same line from that representative. I explain the situation a few times and she tells me there is nothing she can do. I get angry and ask for a supervisor. She puts me on hold for a few minutes.

Finally, he gets on the line and I explain the situation to him. He puts me on hold for a minute and comes back and tells me he setup a lock so no one can make NDD or IDD calls and puts a note in my account. Then he gives me a Reference Number. It wasn’t the resolution I was hoping for but it did solve my problem adequately.


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    I get an email from Globe today. It is the latest bill. On the first page is a letter telling me that if I want to avoid having my service disconnected then I will pay the bill. So let me get this straight. I spend all that time on the phone requesting a disconnection and they refuse to do it and then I get an email from them threatening to disconnect?

    Sounds like the normal logic system in the Philippines alright.

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