February 9, 2016

It was about 8 PM and I was sitting on a jeepney going to my friend’s (John) house. To get there I have to take a jeep from my house to one SM and then a second, smaller, jeep to another SM. From there I can grab a local jeep or a trike to his subdivision. Depending on traffic the whole journey can take anywhere between an hour to two hours total. Sometimes, it can even take longer. Well, this was one of the longer trips due to some construction they were doing laying water mains. Of course, this makes sense because I was in a rush. You see, I was in the process of pulling away from Jenn. My salary would normally go through her accounts, but with our impending split and the troubles we were having, I had decided it was in my best interest to pull her access to my money. So, I asked John if I could send it through his account until I could get my situation straightened out. He agreed. Well, due to a delay from one of the company’s I work for, my salary was sent late and so the money reached John’s bank account late. So, I finished my last class, rushed to get dressed and bolted out the door to get to his house to get his ATM card. We were desperately short of money due to the delay in my salary. I could have waited till the next day, as I had originally planned, but we were literally out of food. So, I figured I would make the run. .

Anyway, as I said I was on a jeepney and we were sitting in traffic and I see the driver get out of the jeep, walk in front of it and pee on the side of the road. This is nothing new, so I was not surprised in the least. It happens on a pretty common basis.  When he finished he comes back to the jeep and starts to clean the front window. I am thinking,

Hmmmm. He must be pretty confident we will be sitting here a while.

Then he decides to fix all the curtains on the jeepney. Now, I have seen drivers do all these things before, but I have never seen them do it all in one stop before. So, I start to get a feeling of dread. I knew, this wasn’t just going to take a while. I knew we would be sitting there till the end of days. Figure construction delays coupled with mall (SM) traffic coupled with the end of rush hour. I was doomed!

At least there was a bit of entertainment. I see this teenage boy get on the jeepney in the front seat. I don’t know why he bothered. We weren’t going anywhere.  Anyway, he sees some friends of his, all girls, sitting in the jeepney back by me. He turns around and gives them the finger. I just smiled and thought to myself.

YOU IDIOT!!!  You are the only boy their age on this jeepney.  You clearly know them and they clearly know you. Why are you sitting up front and why are you being a jackass? Why aren’t you back here getting friendly and being charming?

I just shook my head and thought back to when I was in high school sitting on that tennis team bus my grandmother used to drive. All those cute little asian tennis team girls. I was the only boy on the bus. I knew a few of them. I just sat there by myself LIKE AN IDIOT! If I knew then what I know now…OH BOY! I realized, this kid was suffering from the same thing I was back then. Lack of knowledge and lack of confidence. I considered sliding forward and giving him a bit of advice, but then I thought better of it and decided to just mind my business and sit back and try to relax.