February 23, 2016

My friend, John, and I decided to go to SM Bacoor, today. He needed a few plumbing parts and I needed a few things, myself. It was also a great excuse to get out of the house and look at all the pretty girls.  Anyway, one of the things that I wanted to pick up was a toothbrush cover. My friend told me that Watson’s pharmacy has them. Unfortunately, he was talking about his dental floss and not the toothbrush cover I thought he was talking about. Anyway, we were going to go into one of the Watson’s, but it was a little too crowded for us. So, we kept walking. and we came upon another one on a different floor. I had to laugh when I saw that there were two Watson’s pharmacies in the same mall. I thought that was just the most ridiculous thing, although, not the most surprising. Lord knows that there is a lot of redundancy when it comes to selling in the Philippines. Actually, to be fair, this is not something that is exclusive to the Philippines. This is something I have also seen in Saudi Arabia. A block full of computer stores, or plumbing supply or you will see three motorcycle repair shops on the same street. The list just goes on and on.

“Let’s eat!”

Anyway, later on we started to get a little hungry. John started to eyeball Sbarro, but we just had that a couple of days before. I wanted to try something new or at least different. I had been toying with the notion of eating somewhere new everytime I left the house. So, the idea of eating at Sbarro again, as tempting as it was, just didn’t sit well with me. So, we kept walking and John remembered that there is a little sandwich stand, called THE SANDWICH GUY, in this little nook area near one of the entrances. This was a place we had noticed during one of our previous trips to SM Bacoor. So, we figured it was a good time to give it a try.

We walk up and start looking at the menu. One of the guys behind the counter hands us each a menu on these glossy papers. Frankly, with my eyesight being as bad as it is, the menu attached to the counter was easier to read. The letters were bigger and it was lit up well. However, the flyers he handed us had pictures of the food. So, I kept glancing back and forth between them.

To be perfectly honest, I had no idea what I wanted. I was torn between three or four different sandwiches that I wanted to try. John seemed to be having the same issue, but he eventually settled on the ITALIAN STYLE sandwich. I kind of rolled my eyes because a half second or so before he told me what he was getting, I had decided to get the same thing. I had rolled my eyes not only because we picked the same thing, but because I thought he was going to get the ULTIMATE ROASTBEEF sandwich. I had the idea to have the sandwiches cut in half and I would take half of his and he could have half of mine. The problem was if we both got the same thing, then it would kill my idea and I really wanted to try more than one sandwich.   So, I posed the idea to him and he went for it. He got the Italian Style sandwich and I asked what his second choice was, fully expecting him to say the Ultimate Roastbeef. Luckily, I was right this time around and that is what we got.

I have to say, the sandwiches themselves were pretty good. The bread was toasted and seared on a bar style grill. The Italian Style sandwich was really good and the cucumbers were really tasty and fresh. The Ultimate Roastbeef sandwich was a bit of a disappointment, because there was hardly any meat on it, so it was rather bland.  I guess I should have expected that given how rare roastbeef is in the Philippines.  John also ordered a CHEESY BACON POTATO bowl. What he received came in a much smaller container than I expected given the picture. Looking at it now, the angle of the picture makes it look deceivingly larger. Anyway, it certainly had a ton of cheesesauce on it, so it looked really good. He ate about half and offered the rest to me. I declined because I am supposed to be on a diet and all I have done over the past three days is cheat on it.  Overall, I would say the meal was good and I look forward to trying some of their other sandwiches. Also, the price was pretty good, as well, so I definitely recommend it.

The title of this section, “Let’s eat!”, may seem pretty obvious, but anyone who has spent any significant time with Filipinas will understand that this is something they love to say. Even if they are eating and they know you already ate, they will still say it. It’s there way of offering you food or inviting you to sit and eat with them.

The Scenery

As for the scenery, meaning the girl situation, as always I was not disappointed. That mall is just chock full of some very cute girls. We made a few circuits of each floor before I suggested we go into SM Department Store to look around. Now that I am recently single and no longer living with Jenn, I am going to need to some new clothes for when I go out. So, I wanted to look at sneakers and jeans and some t-shirts I can wear when I exercise. The other reason I wanted to go in there is because John and I both have a weakness for those SM girls’ uniforms. Something about the skirts. YUM! Anyway, we walk in there and were almost immediately smashed in the face with some cold air. Now, I grew up in New Jersey and John was raised in Boston, so cold air is no stranger to either of us. However, we both couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Dessert Time!

Before we left we stopped at Wendy’s. I love the Frosty’s and I was hoping against all odds that they would finally have vanilla Frosties. Much to my surprise they had it, even though they almost never do and they certainly didn’t have it two days earlier. What was funny was John wanted to get halo halo from Chow King, but I am not a fan of halo halo. So, I walked the two stores over for my Frosty and he went in for his halo halo. I was fully expecting him to change his mind and follow me, but he didn’t. So, on my way out of Wendy’s I spot John walking in. I smiled because I figured I was right and he changed his mind. It turns out he did not change his mind. When he ordered his halo halo the girl tells him they do not have ice cream and does he want halo halo without ice cream. What a ridiculous question, because the ice cream is what makes the halo halo.