About Us

My name is Gary and I have been living in the Philippines, full time, since 2005.  I am originally from New Jersey in the USA.

I am not retired, but I moved here because I had business interests, friends, and a special girl here,   I had visited the Philippines many times and finally decided to move here when I got bored living in the US.

I am no stranger to living away from home as I had left home right out of high school to join the US Air Force. A couple of years after finishing my military enlistment I had moved to Saudi Arabia (for work) and I was there for over two years as a civilian contractor.

While living in the Philippines I have been both single and otherwise attached. By attached I mean I have had a steady girlfriend. I have spent a lot of time as a single guy living in the Philippines. So, I have a pretty good feel for the party atmosphere the Philippines has to offer.

Currently, that girl (mentioned above) and I are separated, but we have two young daughters and we were never married. At the moment, I have another girlfriend with whom I have a daughter, as well. So, I have three Fil-Am daughters ranging from a toddler to a teenager. Let’s just say I am quite familiar with schooling and raising children in the Philippines, as well.

About Real Life Philippines (RLP)

There are many sites about visiting and moving to the Philippines, however very few of them focus on what life is really like here for an expat.  The ones that do will only focus on living in one area of the country, etc.

I actually live in the Philippines, as have many of my friends. On this site you will find up to date information about a great number of topics related to living in, or moving to, the Philippines.  Most of the content I wrote myself,  but there are plenty of contributions from other expats who live in the Philippines. As a result, you can expect to find plenty of useful information from people who actually currently live in the Philippines.

I realize that some of the posts may seem like they are negative and that they are knocking the way things are here. Actually, that is EXACTLY what many of the blog posts are about. The thing is, this site is NOT a travel site. I am not trying to get you to buy a ticket to come here. I am not making money off of you directly, nor will I make any money from you’re visiting or moving here.

With that being said, the site is dedicated to showing you what things are REALLY like here by chronicling actual things I (and others like me) experience here on a daily basis. Some of that is going to be good, and some of that is going to be bad.  Other stuff is going to be just plain mind boggling.

I will never manufacture or embellish a story. When something happens, I try to type it up the same day it happens or within a few days of it happening. If I fail to do so I will at least provide the date that it happened.  I try to provide as much photographic or video proof as I can.

Please don’t take these posts to mean that I don’t like living here. If I was truly miserable, I wouldn’t stay. I would take my family and go back to the US.

I hope you find this site helpful and I hope you become an active member.

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