1. You can’t help everyone here. You think you have a lot. Once you move here, it isn’t as much as you think it is.
  2. Make a budget and do your best to stick to it. Cause if you falter there are very few, if any, who will help you. For a tropical climate, this can be a cold and unforgiving place and I don’t mean the temperature.
  3. Visiting here is like ignorant bliss. Living here is a totally different animal. The things you learn and notice when living here are completely different from when you are only visiting for a few weeks to a month. TOTALLY DIFFERENT.
  4. Keep your passport & visa up to date and when you move here make sure your plane ticket has an open round trip. That means by a round trip ticket where the return date is not scheduled. That way if something happens and you decide to leave….you can. A lot of guys buy a one way ticket cause it’s cheaper.
  5. Be wary. A lot of scammers and bullshitters here. You’ve probably encountered a few, but remember. It’s not just Filipinos. A lot of foreigners here are scammers and bullshit artists, as well.
  6. Remember #2 and cultivate friendships.

Obviously, this list is incomplete.