Charities in the Philippines

The Philippines is classified as a third world nation and as such there are many charities that benefit the country and its people.  With that being said there are also a lot of charities out there that are bogus.  If you see a charity listed here it is for real and has been verified by me.

Charities benefit the Philippines and Filipinos in many ways. Some support education, combat poverty, or were created to help the victims of the various natural disasters that affect so many Filipino citizens. These charities really need your help and as with any charity they will gladly accept any donations you wish to give. On this site we will either provide you with a payment gateway, a link to the charity’s website, or with information on how to donate to the charity and what kinds of donations they accept.


List of Charities

Bahay Bata Center -This center is located in Angeles City, Pampanga and they specialize in caring for orphans, abused children, and street children.

Buklod Center –

Typhoon Pablo (2012) – This typhoon left 540 Filipinos dead, 827 missing, over 1000 people injured and thousands more homeless (as of Dec. 9, 2012).

Getting your favorite charity listed

If you would like to see a charity listed here please send me a message with the details. The more information you provide the easier it is for us to verify the charity and get it listed quickly.


Add a bogus charity to our blacklist

If you know of any charities that you know to be a scam please send me a message with the details.  Please include any supporting information or proof that you have that the charity is indeed bogus.