Earning a living in the Philippines

I want to make one thing clear from the onset. This page is not only about working in the Philippines. This page will include information for how to earn money while living here in various ways. I will also talk about working visas.


Finding a job working in the Philippines as an expatriate is definitely not an easy thing to do. This is a poor country and most jobs are given to Filipinos. Most of the time it’s done for economic reasons. Simply put a Filipino will work for far less money than an expat will. Other times it’s just Filipinos looking out for Filipinos. There are also concerns like taxes and work visas and the like that factor into it.

Needless to say I have worked in the Philippines and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I made a lot of good friends, most of them Filipinos, and I had a lot of fun as well. My only regret was that my contract was about to run out and the company decided to downsize many of the expat workers.


This is generally one of the best ways to make money while living in the Philippines. Simply put there is a virtually unlimited number of ways to make money online and if you can earn cash while sitting in the comfort of your home or by using a laptop or tablet PC sitting on a beach then you’d be a fool to not look into it.

Make Money

Personally, I make money through two online means.

  1. I have a variety of websites that I own and operate. Some have earned me small trickles of cash while others have been major winfalls. But like any business man I have also had my share of failures. Hey! Who hasn’t? Another path to follow is to invest in an existing site or a start up. You could purchase a site someone else has started and run it yourself or you could start from scratch.All you need is an idea and a bit of start up cash. Depending upon which option you choose from above the initial investment could be very small or quite substantial.
  2. The other way I make money online is by teaching English from home. It’s not as easy as it sounds believe me. At times it could be a very trying experience but for the most part I enjoy it. Unfortunately, teaching is not for everyone but the point is there are lots of different ways to earn money online.

I have another friend of mine, John, who owns a variety of different sites as well. At one time we were partners, and we still co-own one site together, but for the most part we each do our own thing. Actually, if you are looking for a good website host or other related services you can check out his site.
One thing to remember is unless you want to spend gobs of money on paid advertising then you will need to learn about SEO or hire a good SEO company. But to put it simply SEO is quite simple these days. The 2 keys to SEO are backlinks or inbound links and original, quality, text based content. For that you either need to be a good writer or you need to hire one.


This is probably one of the hardest and most risky ways to earn money while living here. But for a smart investor or a crafty entrepreneur there is definitely money to be made in the Philippines.