January 14, 2012 @ 3 PM

Jenn and the kids and everyone are gone so I took a walk down the street to the only sari-sari store that sells ice cream. I have been having cravings for the new Vanilla Cornetto Disk lately and so I indulged myself. LOL

So as I was getting close another lady was walking up and I could see her visibly increase her walking speed to get there before me. I am used to that sort of thing so I let her pass. I smiled a bit when I heard her order a Vanilla Cornetto Disk. Small world.

So while she is ordering her ice cream another lady walks up and gets in line behind me. She was a bit elderly and not in the greatest shape so I decided to be nice and let her go first. I even addressed her as “ate” (respectful term used to address a woman older than the person speaking) when I invited her to go ahead of me. She steps up and doesn’t even bother to say thank you nor does she even acknowledge me with a smile or anything else.

Now at this point I had to grin wider and chuckle a bit because I am used to that as well but when she ordered….you guessed it….3 Vanilla Cornetto Disks I looked to the heavens and smiled thinking….”You evil jerk!” I knew what was coming next.

The old lady walks off and I step up and dubiously I ordered my Vanilla Cornetto Disk. And low and behold my suspicions were confirmed when I heard those dreaded words…

“Sorry sir. Out of stock.”

Now this wouldn’t be so bad if they had another Cornetto flavor I like but they didn’t have any of those either. All they had was the Java flavored one and I am NOT a coffee fan.

So not only did I not get my ice cream but my being nice to a Filipino not only bit me in the butt, it also showed me how unappreciative some people can be. I think it’s only fair to state that not all Filipinos are this way but I have had more than my fair share of similar incidents.

Having been brought up by my mother to hold doors for a lady and pull out her chair and stuff like that I constantly find myself doing those things or helping an elderly lady or a lady with a child get her bags on and off a jeepney and other such acts of generosity. But time and again whenever I do any of those things in the Philippines I never get a Thank You or even a polite smile. Well, 90% of the time I don’t.