At about 8:53, last night, I got a message from a friend / neighbor (Ron), telling me to tell my girlfriend to move her car. I read the message three or four times because we do not a have a car. I know this he knows this, so his message really confused me. He continues, telling me that Abby’s car is blocking his neighbor’s car in.

Literally, a minute later (8.54 PM) my doorbell rings, which caused my dog to go nuts barking. I told Ron that it rang and I complained that it was interrupting my work, because I was finishing up a class, which would end at 8:55 PM. I then went on to complain about his neighbor (American).

I realized that it was probably the same guy who had complained about the drilling noise that PLDT (telephone and ISP company) was making installing his internet connection. It was something about how his girlfriend works nights and she was trying to sleep. Meanwhile, it was the middle of the day. So, what did the guy want him to do about it? In short, the guy was just being a prick acting like Ron was being inconsiderate. It was just ridiculous.

Finally, I got around to asking him how he got involved in this whole thing. He copy and pasted the following image into our chat, to answer my question. Forgive Abby’s English. It is a work in progress.

Abby asking Ron for permission for her friend to park in front of his house

The red text is a “translation” from Abby’s broken English. What is funny is that I just showed this screenshot to Abby and even she could not figure it out. Her excuse is that she was carrying the baby and trying to type.

Anyway, I finished my class and I went downstairs. When I got down there I found myself alone. Abby, her friend and the baby were all gone. The door was open and I could hear a slight commotion outside. I went outside and found a group of neighbors out there along with the security guard. I guess I looked alarmed because the guard came right over to me and tried to reassure me by saying,

“It’s fine. It’s under control.”

For some reason I blew right by him and walked up to Abby, who was holding our child.

“What is going on?”

She filled me in by saying,

“Armain’s car was blocking someone, so she has to move it.”

She pointed down the street and I saw a strange cart parked in front of Ron’s house. I looked around at all the neighbors gathered around watching what amounted to nothing interesting.

black and white angry man jumping up and down

Combine this stupidity with my anger over having my class interrupted by the doorbell ringing and the dog barking (as a result) and I exploded. I started off at a slightly elevated volume level which rapidly increased to an angry yell as I returned to my home.

“Well, if people parked in the fucking driveways, instead of on the street, then this silly bullshit would not fucking happen! You all have driveways, so start fucking using them. Show some respect for your neighbors and use your fucking driveways!”

By the time I had gotten back to my house and went back inside the gate, I was so pissed off that I just kept ranting and raving. I cleaned up the dog poop in the driveway and went back inside, still pissed and still yelling.

By the time Abby and Armain (her friend) got back inside I had calmed down. I asked Abby if anyone (neighbors) had the balls to challenge me or say anything and she said they not only did not, but that they all agreed with me.

An interesting side note is that my neighbor, who had parked in the street blocking Armain from parking in front of my house forcing her to park in front of Ron’s (which caused all this) had parked in their driveway, today. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts. I am betting it doesn’t last long.