Yesterday, my girlfriend (Abby) and I went to check out a house in Villa Feliza 2. This is a small subdivision right near SM.

Right off the bat, let me just say that I am none too happy with this whole thing.  First off, the ad said the house was a two bedroom. Well, it is actually a 3 BR and not a 2BR. It turns out that the top (3rd) floor is a big room (18.88 square meters), which is great because it means that I can use it as an office and spared bedroom.  Now, you may be wondering where the negative is. Well, it is a small one, but they can’t even get an ad right? COME ON! I know. I know. It’s trivial.

The only problem with the third floor is that it is going to get pretty hot up there.  The heat is not that big of a problem because I can put some insulation in the ceiling and air condition the room. However, this brought up the second red flag.

When I asked the landlady about putting in a split type AC on the third floor room, I found out that lady is not the owner.  It turns out that she is the owner’s sister and the owner is an OFW in Saudi Arabia. At this point, more red flags start flying. Why? Because this means that every time something needs to be fixed, the sister will have to consult the owner to get permission, which is going to cause all sorts of delays. I have had enough problems with landlords not wanting to fix things to know that this is going to turn into an issue in the future.

Getting back on topic, though.  She gets her on the phone and calls her sister in Saudi. The owner asks who will pay for the install.  Of course I will pay for it, but more red flags start flying.  Then, I asked about something else and again the owner asked if I would want to take the cost of that out of the rent. Once again, my answer was no, but by this point there are so many red flags zooming through the air that I can’t see the sun.

Let me explain.  Not only is this woman not in country, which (as previously mentioned) is going to make getting repairs a real nightmare, but she is going to be incredibly kuripot.  My current landlady is like that and when she does get a repairman in here, after her exhaustive search for the lowest possible bidder, the job is never done right because the lowest bidder is always the biggest incompetent, as well.

On top of all that, they want 15K a month and 500 pesos more for the security guard, who is never at the front gate, to begin with!!!

This house is not all bad, though. The driveway area was redone, but in tile, which will be slick when it rains. So, that is 50/50. However, there is plenty of sun for my plants, which is a bonus. I will have a nice large office and we will remain close to my girlfriend’s doctor, which makes her happy. The kitchen is newish and in good shape with a hood over the stove to reduce the heat from cooking. There is a place for the refrigerator and there is already an air conditioner in the master bedroom.

OH!!! I forgot about that. The master bedroom is 11.99 square meters, yet they have a .5 hp air conditioner in there. For a room that size,  you want a 1 hp air conditioner. So, what do I do? Hope the existing air conditioner can, by some miracle keep the room cool? UGH!

Obviously, I am going to have to pay to enlarge the opening and replace the air conditioner in there now, with my own.  This actually works out well, because I can put the .5 hp air conditioner in the small room  The small room is just a hair under 10 square meters and will be the baby’s nursery.

Sorry. Did I not mention that my girlfriend and I are expecting a baby in December? Well, there it is. So, quit your griping that I didn’t tell you.

Anyway, getting back on topic. This house definitely has some potential, but with all the red flags, plus the price I am just not sure if I will take this house or not. I know I can get a much nicer place a bit further south, for that money, but the last thing I want to do is get further from Manila. The further you get from Manila, the worse the utilities become.