There have been a lot of Facebook posts (mostly Filipinos) and news articles slamming Philippines President Noynoy Aquino and his handling of the aftermath of Typhoon Sendong in Mindanao.

In my opinion this is IDIOTIC at best!!! Even with the best preparation it’s next to impossible to handle a catastrophe like this effectively. Even in the US, which is a much richer country, disaster handling has been an issue. In 2005, the United States had trouble handling the challenged of post Hurricane Katrina. It’s something George Bush is criticized for and it is something his presidency will be remembered for. The effects of Katrina were very similar to this typhoon.

So, if a relatively rich country like the US, with all it’s resources, has trouble handling mother nature how could a country like the Philippines do it? I am not saying there is nothing that can be done and I am not saying the Philippines is totally inept but I think we have to cut our leaders some slack in these situations.

FACT: Presidents are not in charge of disaster scenarios. They have aides and officials and agencies whose job it is to handle those types of things.

FACT: Natural disasters can be devastating and handling the challenges the aftermath poses is no easy task for any government

FACT: All natural disasters all throughout history have been badly handled because they are all different which means different challengeswill arise for each.

FACT: None of his predecessors here or in other countries have handled natural disasters in any better fashion then he has. He has allocated military resources to help with the clean up and recovery just like any other president anywhere else in the world.

FACT: These people who live there were warned LAST YEAR that this WOULD happen again. Yet…THEY CONTINUED LIVING THERE!!!

FACT: Blame the entire country…not just the government…for not building proper flood defenses and for littering (garbage) which clog up sewers (just like in Marikina) which contributes to making the flooding worse.

There’s plenty of blame to go around and a ton of it can be thrown onto the common Filipino as much as it can be onto the government.

Just for the record I am not saying he handled it as well as he could have but HEY he’s done a lot more than I have seen happen in the past. Actually, his entire family has been. I saw on the news that the Aquino family had donated not only relief goods but also something like 3 million pesos in cash. When was the last time the family of a government official had donated such a large amount to a disaster relief effort?