February 26, 2016 at 7:30 PM
Funny story. I am at my friend’s house and his girlfriend was cooking dinner. Like most households here they use a propane tank for cooking gas. Well, as she was cooking the tank suddenly ran dry. So, she starts to panic because it is almost 8 PM and very few, if any, places will still deliver gas this late.  Well, she finally gets the gas dealer on the phone and they agree to deliver gas. I guess she didn’t quote a price, so that became an issue.
Solane Propane Tank under a counter with a two burner stove
If you haven’t been here or don’t live here,  you may be wondering why that is an issue. Well, simply put, the White Guy Tax. I can think of a few occasions where we ordered gas to be delivered and the price given on the phone was lower than the price given by the delivery driver once he saw me. So, it is extremely important to get a price quote on the phone before the driver gets there and then stick to that price once he arrives.
Anyway, the price of the gas was 550 pesos. So, my friend gives his girlfriend a 500 peso bill and two 20 peso bills. He figures that will cover the gas with 10 pesos left over to tip the driver for carrying the tank in and hooking it up. Well, his girlfriend, being the little character that she is, takes one of the twenties and puts it in her purse and pulls out a 10 peso coin.  I thought this was hilarious because she was going to screw this poor delivery guy out of his tip, as meager as it was.  We’re talking about less than 25 cents here. (At the time of this writing.)
So, my friend and I start breaking her balls. I said,
Wait! She just made a 10 peso profit BUYING gas!
He reminds her about how she is always telling him to tip the delivery people and she responds with,
Well, I was trying to agree with you because you are always saying how they don’t need a tip because they get a salary.
I just started to laugh. I couldn’t help it.
So, this poor guy arrives. He carries in the new tank of propane on his shoulder. He disconnects the old one and connects up the old one and is out of the house in less than a minute.
Solane Propane Tank
After he left I start breaking her balls again for stiffing him. Well, it turns out she did give him the extra 10 pesos, but it was still funny as hell that she had every intention of screwing this poor guy out of his tip.