February 15, 2016

I have known for a few days now that my daughter’s final tuition payment had to be paid.  So, today I went over to make the payment. Before leaving the house I checked the card and it has an annotation that states that we still owed 530 pesos.  The first thing I did was drop my daughter off at her classroom and get the security pass, inside my daughter’s student handbook, from her teacher.  I walk over to the office, which is located in another building. I hand over the handbook
(so they can make a notation that I paid), the tuition card (that they use to track payments…remember this!) and I wait. The girl opens a wooden box on her desk and pulls out another card identical to the one I handed her. She sees a discrepancy and proceeds to do math. Apparently, her card said the balance was over 800 pesos.

So, I commented to the girl that her number was wrong and that the correct number should indeed be 530 pesos.  Now, I had no idea which card was right, but Jenn, my children’s mother, told me the number was definitely right and that she had confirmed it the last time she made a payment. The girl proceeds to do some more math so, I waited. I stood there and watched as she is tapped away at the calculator furiously. She comes back to me and says her card is right. I use my phone and text Jenn to tell her to call me.  You see, normally, Jenn is the one to deal with all this. Anyway, of course, Jenn doesn’t call me right away.

While I am waiting for her to call, the admin girl talks to another admin girl who starts doing the math. Once she completes her calculations the balance due jumped to over 1500 pesos. By this point I am ready to strangle people.  Finally, Jenn calls and I hand my phone to the admin girl and now they are all talking in Tagalog while I waited. Apparently, someone screwed up some subtraction a few months back. Now, anyone with half a brain would start wonder why no discrepancy was discovered in the months since the error was made.

So, I am waiting and waiting and I ask why this is not being done on a computer.  They could easily print out a record and sign it before handing it over to the person making the tuition payment. The girl looks at me and then turns to a third girl and looks back at me and says…AND I QUOTE…

Sir, we don’t have software.

I point at her computer, which was three feet from the window I was standing at, and say,

I can see you have Excel open on your computer.

She gives me that blank stare that they have made so famous here.  Then I said to her,

Are you kidding? I can make the file for you in an hour that would autocalculate everything for you.

I get another blank stare in response.

When all was said in done I ended up handing over the 1000 pesos I brought with me and will have to pay another 500+ later today. I told Jenn to do it. These
dips and Jenn conspired to screw this up, they can fix it.  That was my attitude.

Meanwhile, I was left with no change and nothing but 1000 peso bills because I expected to get 470 pesos change. So, now I have to go back out later and break a 1000 peso bill.

UPDATE: It is now almost midnight and Jenn never went to the school. So, tomorrow I have to break her balls to make sure she heads over there to split a few heads and settle the account.