August 22, 2018
Today, the landlady sends her brother-in-law over to fix the leaky roof, finally. In the back of the house, there are these big ole gaps between the top of the wall and the roof.
So, this guy comes over and looks at all the points that I showed him (where the holes and the leaks are). He goes up to the third floor, alone and once I realized it I raced up the stairs. When I got up there I found him staring at the padlock on the window. 
Now, I have been in this house for almost a year, at this point. I have asked the landlady for the key to this lock and was told that nobody has a key for it. So, we go across the street to the hardware store and buy a hacksaw blade and the stuff to fix the leaks. We get back to my house and he removes the screen. He then proceeds to cut the padlock using a hacksaw blade (no hacksaw). 
Anyway, he gets the lock off, opens the windows and climbs out the window. This was after I read him the riot act about being careful of the fiber optic transfer box mounted on the wall right below where he is going out the window.
So, he’s on the roof and I knew he’d be up there a while, so I went downstairs to light the grill. The whole time I am down there I was waiting to hear a scream and a thud behind me. It never came, but i heard him moving across the roof. I look up and see him coming over the ridge line of the roof.
I head back inside and go back upstairs to the third floor. I tried to help him back in, so he doesn’t fuck up my internet box. He tells he is fine and doesn’t need help. DUDE! I was a lot less concerned about you than I was about you taking out my internet with your big clumsy foot or leg.
If I lose internet, I also lose my livelihood. Without it, I can’t pay the rent, feed my family, etc…
Anyway, I broke my cardinal rule and allowed him to work unsupervised. Of course, I wasn’t going up on that damn roof. I’m not suicidal!!!
He gets back inside, puts the screen back up, cleans himself off and heads downstairs and outside. I went back in to find out if we have to pay him. I decide to check the job and when I looked what do you think I discovered? Sure enough. He patched the small holes, but left the giant gaps between the wall and the roof. HOW STUPID!!!
That was the main reason for him to come over. That was where the typhoon rains were coming in from.
So, I had my girlfriend talk to him. He says he will be back (one day), because he has nothing to fix the gaps.
I swear! This place makes me effing nuts!
Update: It is months later and he has never returned. Those giant holes are still there, so I still get critters in my ceiling. Luckily, the rainy season is over, but this is still unacceptable.
Update: October 20, 2019
I apologize for not updating this sooner, but at some point in June or July 2019 the rains started again and we had another flood downstairs. Yes. The water came in from the same place. So, my landlady sent her brother/brother-in-law to fix the problem.
I made sure I pointed out (again) the giant hole. He goes back out the third floor window, over the roof and proceeds to fix the problem. He goes home and that same evening I had a flood downstairs AGAIN. 
He comes back the very next day and while he was here, it started to rain. He saw for himself the water pouring in through THE SAME HOLE I HAVE BEEN SHOWING HIM FOR A YEAR!!!
To his credit and stupidity, he went out on the roof in the pouring rain.
He finally fills in the hole and cleans out the gutters and the  downspouts.
He goes outside and cleans out the drains.
Miraculously, the problem has been fully resolved. 
IMAGINE THAT!!! He finally listens to me and the problem is fixed. Now, why didn’t he just do that a year ago? That’s what I want to know.