It was between 11 AM and noon on Sunday, the 9th of January 2012 and Jenn starts yelling up to me to shower. Having been in this situation with her before I asked if the kids had showered yet and she tells me,

“It’s raining.”

It’s raining? Where? In the CR? What’s rain got to do with it?

So then I ask if my hot water is made so I can shower because we don’t have an inline hot water heater.  Well, of course it’s not so I say,

“Why are you yelling at me to shower if you didn’t make me water yet?”

So I go down…I fill the teapot and put it on the stove….meanwhile, my daughter Nikki gets naked and goes in the CR to shower. SO MUCH FOR NOT GIVING THE KIDS A SHOWER!!!

The really sad thing is that was the 3rd idiot move of the day unless you count the medicine incident at 4 AM in which case it would be her fourth. LOL LOL

The 4 AM medicine blunder

The baby has a SLIGHT fever and as usual Jenn is making a big deal about it. Anyway, the baby was due for medicine at 1 AM but she was asleep. She (the baby) wakes up at 2AM and she and I were up untill 4 AM. I ask Jenn about the meds at 3AM but I got no reply from her. Then at 4 she decides to give it to her but the baby had fallen asleep.  So of course it doesn’t work out quite as well as I am sure she figured it would. I am sure she figured she could give the baby medicine without waking the kid up but….

Sleeping 8 month old baby + liquid medicine + 5 ounces of milk previously consumed = choking which leads to puking…ALL OVER THE NEWLY CHANGED BED SHEETS.