I’ve been posting about my new house and how a few things need repairs. I mentioned the water spigot in the CR as my arch enemy in this house.

FINALLY, Jenn bought the pipe cement that I need to fix it. So I told everyone I want them to shower or whatever so I can turn off the water for the night. I want that pipe to dry out so I can fix this damn thing so it has all night to dry.

I see the pot, in the sink, that Maricel used to cook sopas in so I fill it with water so it can soak. I wasn’t too worried about it being washed right away. I just wanted them to finish using water so I could do what I had to do.

Bowl of Sopas with a spoon

Of course, it doesn’t work out how I wanted it to. I ask Jenn if she wants to shower tonight. She tells me to just fill the water bucket in the CR and she will use that. I told her that won’t work because I am turning off the water for the whole night and we will need that to flush and stuff. So, she makes a face. I turn to her sister, Maricel, and I ask her if she will shower. She tells me she will so I told her to get a move on. She heads to the sink and proceeds to empty the pot, I JUST FILLED. I ask her why and she tells me she will wash it.

Implied Facepalm

I said to her that I just got done filling it and explaining about the water as she sat right there. Why would she think I want it washed NOW?!?!?  I told her to get her butt in the shower.

I swear. Sometimes it is like I am invisible.


Even as I am writing this the fun continues. I go out there to help my daughter find my other daughter’s bottle. I ask Jenn if Maricel showered and she tells me yes. I ask Jenn if she is going to shower and she tells me she will “get cleaned up.” So I tell her to get her butt in the CR and get it done. She responds that her toenails are still wet, FROM HOURS AGO!!!  I get a little pissy about it and walk off as I hear Jenn say,

“I will just wash my face and stuff.”

I swear, I am going to lose my mind.