So, the water situation in my subdivision is all messed up. The developer/owner of the subdivision was a cheap @#^$ and the water system here is no different. Several of the homeowners have racked up huge water bills. Part of the reason is that our water bills are double what everyone else in the surrounding area pays. This is due to some arrangement the developer has with someone. There is an utang (debt) or something. I am not sure. I never understood the explanation. Anyway, because of that several of the homeowners stopped paying their water bills. One of my neighbors owes 20,000 pesos.

There have been several attempts to get the actual water company to step in and take over. Unfortunately, they declined. They had sent a crew out to inspect the subdivision water system and apparently it was not up to their standards. Instead of the mains being steel pipe, the developer used PVC. From what I am told it will cost 500,000-750,000 pesos to have it all ripped out and replaced with the proper material. Not to mention that it will take months to do the job, I am sure. The developer refused to pay and the homeowners are not going to pay for it.

So, my neighbor decided to have a well drilled in the front corner of his driveway. He uses that water for the house. Today, my neighbor on the other side has started the same process. They have not had a water meter for several months. They have been getting drinking water deliveries every single day. the absurdity of that is it actually cost A LOT MORE money to do that than to just pay the water bill.

Anyway, I just make sure mine gets paid every month or every other month. They do not even make it easy to pay which is ridiculous, but par for the course, as well.

What makes me nuts is that in my old house, down the street, I was paying 200-300 per month for water. When I moved in here it was about 600-800 pesos per month. Now, it is up to 1,000 pesos per month.

My electric has also been going up. When I moved in here, a year ago, my Meralco (electric company) bill hovered in the 7,000-8,000 peso range. Lately, it hovers in the 9,000 pesos per month neighborhood. Food prices are also sky rocketing. As a result I have been SERIOUSLY considering relocating to another country

A friend of mine has recently moved to Vietnam and he loves it. Actually, two of my friends moved there, now that my senility has receded for a few minutes.