2:30 PM

Chalk up ANOTHER strike against the Filipino education system in my little book.

I went downstairs to get some more water and I see the 16 year old, Maricel, with what look like notes from school. Today is a Saturday so I was a little surprised to see her studying and so I asked if it was homework she was working on. She tells me it’s not homework.

I asked her if she was studying. She tells me she’s not studying.

So, I asked her what she was doing. She tells me that she is grading tests.


Don’t get me wrong. Students grade other students’ tests in the United States as well.  The difference is WE DO IT IN CLASS AND  IN FRONT OF THE TEACHER! Then the teacher checks them over after. The whole process is done as a review type of a thing. The teacher will go over each answer after the test giving a brief explanation of each one. The teacher will also answer any questions that students might have.

BUT WE NEVER TOOK HOME A STACK OF TESTS TO GRADE!!!  Maricel is down there with a stack of about 10 or so test papers.

So, I asked,

“If you are doing the teacher’s job of grading tests does that mean you are teaching the class too?”

My daughter Nicole

The education system here is just getting to be way too much for me. I hadn’t posted this like I wanted to but my daughter, Nicole, has recently started school after a 2 year hiatus. We originally started Nikki in a Montessori nursery school when she was just 2 and a half years old. We knew that was a bit young but we weren’t interested in her academic performance at the time. Her mother, Jenn, and I were more interested in giving her a chance to interact with other kids and to help her develop some independence from mommy and daddy.

At any rate, Nikki started school again two or three weeks ago and I got angry because without testing her they just put her into Kindergarten II based on her age. I wanted her in first grade because she is a smart kid who is way ahead of the rest of her class. She comes home everyday with assignments to write the letter A or the letter C a few times. Nicole knows the entire alphabet and has been able to write each letter, and her name, for quite some time now. She is also very good at counting. So now she is stuck doing things she already learned and I am worried she will get bored.